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Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning after hitting the snooze button again and again? Is caffeine the only thing that gets you through the day? Does your energy give out long before your to-do list does?

In the immortal words of Lucille Ball, “Are you too pooped to pop?”

If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey by the National Safety Council:

  • Seventy-six percent of Americans say they feel tired at work
  • Fifty-three percent feel less productive
  • Forty-four percent have trouble focusing

It shouldn’t be this way. Life is too short to feel tired and uninspired all of the time. Imagine if you could naturally:

  • Wake up in the morning without an alarm clock, well-rested and excited to start your day
  • Feel energetic throughout the day accomplish your goals
  • Easily wind down in the evening and sleep through the night

Life is unquestionably better when we feel energetic. It’s time to stop being OK with feeling just OK.

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Certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA) and healthcare communications expert Vicki Spellman, also founder of, draws on the latest clinical research to share strategies on how to up your energy naturally, without the aid of sleeping pills or other medications. In this book, you won’t find cliched advice; you’ll discover fresh ideas including:

  • How to smooth out your glucose spikes
  • Tips for maximizing your mitochondrial health
  • Natural ways to optimize your hormones
  • How to use caffeine more strategically
  • Which specific exercise routines build your energy reserves
  • Which supplements can safely increase your energy, and how to take them

This book will help you beat the blahs and live positively and energetically every day, throughout the day.